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True and False Film Fest

True and False Film Fest
5 South Ninth St. Suite #202

About Us:

TRUE/FALSE 2016 happens slap-dab amidst the primary season. Befitting the word, colors around us intensify - blues get bluer, reds even redder. There's little room for nuance as candidates race to the extremes and create ideologically armored platforms from which to lob shells at one another.

Among the casualties: the more subtle hues, tints, tones, and shades that make up the human experience. We see T/F weekend as a time to explore far-flung points of connection and map the contours of our community. It's a weekend to stop campaigning and explore the secondary and tertiary colors. To go Off the Trail.

It's probably no coincidence that both our True Vision Award winner and our True Life Fund recipient explore the pressures of being a teenage girl and inventing yourself. True/False itself is a teenager, and, like all teenagers, we're restless. We crave newness in our films - bold visions that reinvigorate the form - and newness in our experiences. This desire drove us to dream up the latest leg of the fest called Synapses.

Synapses is a little like an ideas fest tucked inside a film/music/art festival. We've invited a bunch of new folks to town: dubious futurists, mischievous archivists, and builders of the perfect paper airplane. Their goal, and ours, is nothing short of spinning the map. Turning the world on its head, if only for an instant. It's the same effect a great film can have on you, the same shift in perspective that Starless Dreams or Sonita force in how we think about Iran and the people who live there.

Films like these discover empathetic truths, compelling us to look more closely at everything around us. This year's visual theme embraces the idea of "psychogeography," a way of creating subjective maps of our world freed from the constraints of delivering objective fact.

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