Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

Massachusetts Independent Film Festival
Thursday, Apr 25, 2024 at 7:00pm

The Mass Indie Film Fest returns showcasing a wide variety of films from all genres. Everything from dramas, art house fare, to horror and thrillers that some festivals unfairly ignore are welcome here.


Opening Night! - Shorts Block

Doing a Bit by Abigail Rose Sullivan  

The Hit by Joseph Anthony Marcello  

A Bad Day by Mo Faisal  

Old Parish Preservation Volunteers by Maura Smith & Kate Smith

First Generations, Second Class Relics, Third Degree Burns by Anne Ciecko

A Lost Sense by Cole Paul  

How to Clean: An ADHD Story by Lauren Leger

Aberdeen by Talia Krohmal

Baby Shrooms by Colin Mader

Made in Bridgeport by Agustina Aranda

Location: Starlite, 39 Hamilton Street, Southbridge, MA