Hartford Jewish Film Festival

Hartford Jewish Film Festival
Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Mandell Jewish Community Center
335 Bloomfield Avenue

Film Schedule:

7 - 9 PM: March '68

Two college students—Hania and Janek—meet and fall in love amidst the social turmoil and Jewish discrimination of 1960s Warsaw. Initially uninterested in politics, the young lovers are forced to confront harsh realities when Hania’s parents lose their jobs in an antisemitic purge and face deportation. Hania doesn’t want to part from Janek, and together they soon participate in a protest rally at the university. When the demonstration is met with a violent crackdown by the repressive authoritarian regime, they discover freedom comes at a high price.

7 - 9 PM: The Fourth Window

By most measures, Israeli writer Amos Oz represents an international success story. His thought-provoking novels, short stories, articles, and essays—translated into 45 languages—embody the conscience, conflicts, and complexities of Israeli society. Yet behind the curtain of fame lurked tragedy and profound loss. When he was 12 years old his mother committed suicide, and a year later his father abandoned the boy and moved to England to start a new life. Amos became a kibbutznik, a socialist, a defender of Palestinian rights, and a supporter of the two-state solution. Then late in life a daughter airs long-suppressed grievances and breaks off contact with him. Still later, facing terminal illness, Oz tells his last story in a series of recorded conversations with his latest biographer. She weaves these fragments together with biographical passages from his novels and conversations with family, friends, and colleagues.