Climate Future Film Festival

Climate Future Film Festival
Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Rochambeau Branch Library
708 Hope Street

Climate Future Film Festival- Part 2

While climate change is front-page news, in our own back pages many are grieving. Or mutely frightened. Or numb. Or outraged. Or isolated and feeling hopeless. Others may be oddly celebrating a future of climate disorder.

This short-film festival explores the full range of human and artistic response to what may be coming next. Dramatic, comic, hopeful, despairing, absurdist, satirical, experimental, documentary, animated: your heart and vision have a home at the Climate Future Film Festival.

The Climate Future Film Festival is created by Merlyn Climate Grants, which supports emerging climate leaders 13 to 30 in New England and New York. Donors and volunteers come from across the US. You can download the Festival program and climate action volunteer opportunities.

Ten Films from 4 Continents in 2 Hours Explore the Artistic & Human Response to Climate Change.

Feeling the Apocalypse

Director, Chen Sing Yap

Canada (7:02) Animation

An experienced psychotherapist wrestling with climate grief explores what it means to live in a dying world. 

The Mud on Their Hands

Director, Jason Whalen

Usa (14:06) Documentary

On the Mississippi Delta,rebuilding a town torn apart by Hurricane Katrina is half the battle. For this pastor, climate change and protecting the next generation from storm surge become his new calling.

I Was Just a Child

Director,Breech Asher Harani

Philippines (5:05) Narrative

From a child's point of view and told with shadow puppets, Super Typhoon Bopha devastates towns and families in the Philippines.

The Operator

Director,Matt Riley

United Kingdom (20:00) Narrative

Connecting long-distance intergalactic calls is usually boring. This call is different. It's life or death for those on the line. An allegory for the Anthropocene age.

Calamity TV

Director,Ryan Vemmer

Rhode Island, Usa (1:07) Comedy

How would you pitch a script to Hollywood about the coming end of civilization?

The Sprayer

Director,Farnoosh Abedi

Iran (8:45) Animation

Is this a vision of where continued nature exploitation will bring us? Or is it a satire of where it already has? Heroes have a role in either case.

I Want You to Panic!

Director,Moritz HoffmanGermany (9:20) Comedy

A bomb lands in a museum without exploding. The ambitious museum director sees an opportunity. The museum guard sees something else.


Director,David Sanchez

Canada (12:43) Documentary

Flavie is a daring and opinionated 15- year-old practicing civil disobedience. Her parents want to support her activism but fear the legal fallout.

Ola Ka Honua

Director, Jilli RoseAustralia (22:00) Animation

Auwahi, a storied forest in Maui, is healed and restored in a generation with help from many who decided to try when trying seemed daunting.

Baby Dolphins

Director, Kevin Delobelle

France (3:54) Narrative

An ardent activist and an unmoved executive come face to face with one another and for one of them with onese