Bridges to the World International Film Festival - 'Stupid Young Heart' From Finland

12th Annual Bridges to the World International Film Festival

Presented by World Artists Experiences & Maryland Hall

The film festival is sponsored by World Artists Experiences and the International Division of Maryland’s Office of the Secretary of State.

A film from a different country will be shown each week. Each film will be introduced and followed by a discussion. Films will be shown in English or with English subtitles.

The Bridges to the World International Film Festival is a statewide initiative in recognition of the State’s global reach and connections. The films were selected and provided by the respective embassies to represents their country’s spirit and art of film making. 

World Artists Experiences is a non-profit organization which bridges international understanding through cultural and citizen diplomacy in schools, colleges, and communities to foster respect, trust, hope, and peace in the world. 

The International Division for Maryland's Office of the Secretary of State strives to foster global awareness and increase the level and consistency of open dialogue and exchange between Maryland's citizens and institutions and their international counterparts. Among its responsibilities is the administration of the Maryland Sister States Program which includes active relationships with 16 countries.

Location: Bowen Theatre

Admission is Free for all of the movies.