Ann Arbor Film Festival

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Saturday, Mar 28, 2020 at 7:00pm


7pm Pat Oleszko - Michigan Theater Main

Pat Oleszko Presents/Presence

Bits and pieces from Pat's passed filmed performantzes are shown with a-lithe sartorially splendid component to glorify or horrify the whole she-bang. A few that jest may turn up are Darwin's Nightmare: The Plight of the Nesting Bottle-back Turtles, a global warning performed near Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Half-astro-nuts Dilemma & To Air is Human (2 pix), the banned manned moon module crashes in foreign territory and the Astro-nuts disparately try to adapt. Goldmen Sex, a relationship ends boldly and badly. Kneale at the Movies with Kneel & Dimples (2 pix), a short suite. Odds at Sea Bahian Odyssey, some local myth-tics are led by a buoy to sea to see!

?9 pm Luis Macias - Michigan Theater Main

The Sixth Sun | Included in Films in Competition 14

Expanded Cinema performance // A Landscape. Without color and movement. Only a Landscape. “At that beautiful moment between reality and dreaming, an incorporeal animal emerges from the darkness and light. Dark, violent and self-assured, it shares its fears of nature’s despair. But don’t be afraid—it’s an animal just like you. Did you see it? Wake up and open your eyes”

Luis Macias is an artist, filmmaker, and image composer. Focused on experimental and procedural practices of analog image, his works in Super 8,16mm, 35mm and/or video format are composed for projection, performance or installation. His films and pieces of expanded cinema have been seen around the world.

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