Ann Arbor Film Festival

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Thursday, Mar 26, 2020 at 3:30pm

Various Venues in Ann Arbor, MI

3.30 pm Sean Clute and Otto Muller? - Ann Arbor Art Center

Mud Season | Included in the Off the Screen! Reception (Free to the public)

Each Spring, the snow melts. Its crystalline formation of hexagons dissolves and the earth emerges mud. Mud is an in-between stage, a mix of organic and inorganic material, an edge space between geologic processes and biological decay, a site of potentiality.

Mud Season is an audiovisual performance that incorporates hand-drawn animations, interactive video, and sound. Visually, the work travels under the Spring moon as the snow melts revealing what is hidden underneath. A celebration of growth, the performance includes a creature emerging from the mud, an explosion of rainbows and an expanding orb of sunlight. The work uses custom-built software, a MIDI controller, various drawing apparatus and video projection.

Sean Clute is an artist who experiments with video, sound, and performance. His work has been presented The Kitchen, MuseumsQuartier Wien, Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and the Autonomous Mutant Festival. Clute lives in Vermont where he is an Associate Professor of Media Art at Northern Vermont University.

Otto Muller is a composer, educator, and interdisciplinary artist. His chamber works have been performed internationally at festivals. Muller leads the Socially Engaged Art BFA program at Goddard College in Vermont, where his research interests include cross-cultural aesthetics and critical.

7pm Angelo Madsen Minax - Michigan Theater Main

Two Steps on The Water? | Included in Films in Competition 6

An omniscient musical narrator offers a glimpse into the lives of two adolescent boys who wrestle, throw rocks into swimming holes, and use social media to pass the time in their small river town

Angelo Madsen Minax is a filmmaker, performer, and visual artist. Madsen's projects explore complex queer intimacies, chosen and biological kinships, and the relationships that emerge between landscape and embodiment. His works have screened and/or exhibited at spaces including the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, European Media Art Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, The British Film Institute, and others. He is a current Sundance Nonfiction grantee, Tribeca Film Institute All-Access Fellow, and a BAVC Mediamaker Fellow.

9 pm Pat Oleszko - Michigan Theater Main

Pat Oleszko Presents/Presence

Bits and pieces from Pat's passed filmed performantzes are shown with a-lithe sartorially splendid component to glorify or horrify the whole she-bang. A few that jest may turn up are Darwin's Nightmare: The Plight of the Nesting Bottle-back Turtles, a global warning performed near Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Half-astro-nuts Dilemma & To Air is Human (2 pix), the banned manned moon module crashes in foreign territory and the Astro-nuts disparately try to adapt. Goldmen Sex, a relationship ends boldly and badly. Kneale at the Movies with Kneel & Dimples (2 pix), a short suite. Odds at Sea Bahian Odyssey, some local myth-tics are led by a buoy to sea to see!

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