Berlin and Beyond Film Festival

Berlin and Beyond Film Festival

Friday, Nov 2, 2018 at 6:00pm


Autumn Showcase 2018

America’s premiere festival of contemporary German cinema kicks off its 23rd season! The Autumn Showcase (now in its 5th anniversary edition) is highlighted with new works from the fall festival circuit. This program is presented with anticipation for the main Berlin & Beyond Film Festival (March 8-14, 2019). Supported by the Year of German-American Friendship 2018/19.


6:00PM: Goliath

Director: Dominik Locher

Gentle gestures, passionate gazes: separated from the rest of the world, David and Jessy live in a simple two-room apartment in the suburbs. Their love is put to the test when Jessy unintentionally gets pregnant. The thought of becoming a father causes David to panic. When, a few days later, they are attacked in the suburban train and David is unable to protect his girlfriend, David’s fear of not being man enough is confirmed. In desperation, he starts to inject anabolic steroids and gets into excessive power training. His newly acquired muscles initially help him to feel strong and confident. But the effect of the steroids soon turns negative. David develops aggressive and unpredictable traits and becomes a threat to his girlfriend and the unborn child… (Locarno Festival)

8:00PM: Welcome to Germany

Director: Simon Verhoeven

A special encore screening of the winner of the 2018 Berlin & Beyond Film Festival Audience Award (Gala).

Recently retired teacher Angelika decides, against her skeptical husband Richard’s will, to take in a refugee. Soon afterward, the young Nigerian Diallo moves into the Hartmann's home, and a whirlwind of complications ensue. These events not only disrupt the lives of Angelika and Richard’s adult children Philip and Sophie; they also put their own marriage as well as Diallo’s chances of integration to the test. Despite all the chaos, hope prevails that the family will recover its stability, confidence, and peace.

A timely social comedy, Welcome to Germany was Germany's most successful local film of 2016 and the first part of 2017, and stars veteran actress Senta Berger, who appeared in the American films Major Dundee and Cast a Giant Shadow in the 1960s. Senta Berger's son, Simon Verhoeven, is the director and screenwriter of Welcome to Germany.

The film won the German Film Award Audience Award, the Bavarian Film Award for Best Film, the BAMBI for National Film , and was nominated for European Comedy at the European Film Awards.